Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 10 - ORM comparison in Go using MySql, the rest of the pack

The following "ORM's" i did not actually test, just googled it. Maybe the info is usable for somebody.
StarDate is 2015.05.18

beedb :although beedb has been called dead and unmaintained, it seems to be still alive as a sub of beego: beego orm. But as it is part of a larger framework I have pushed it back in my queue.

qbs: This looks to me like an awesome lib and it is for sure worth further examining: It can create Indexes and does so even on joined/embedded structs. Note to myself: Do a separate post on qbs!


  1. Just FYI:

    Qbs was originally a fork from hood by Erik Aigner, but it changed more than 80% of the code, then it ended up become a totally different ORM

    No offense, just for your information